God Bless Thee, Newfoundland (Richard Bugden)

Thou country of our father,
blest country of our birth,
For grandeur and for beauty,
second to none on earth;
Sweet land of lakes and rivers,
of spruce and pine so grand,
A paradise of splendor
is dear old Newfoundland.

Those lovely bays and islands
basked by a summer sun,
Those hills where once we rambled,
we loved them everyone;
Those little ponds and rivers,
the seashore oh! so grand,
A masterpiece of nature,
our dear old Newfoundland.

Those vessels there at anchor
with sails so neatly furled,
Those flakes and wharves, and stages
with fresh-caught codfish filled;
Those salmon nets and lobster pots,
strewn there along the shore,
Brings back so many memories
of the good old days of yore.

Dear country we salute thee,
yours is a glorious past,
Wherever we may wander,
our love for thee will last;
We'll watch with pride your progress,
as your industries expand,
You have a future of promise,
God bless thee, Newfoundland.

####.... Richard Bugden [1887-1963] of Trinity, Trinity Bay, NL and Toronto, East York Township, York County, Ontario ....####
Richard Bugden was one of a number of youths who put the old cannon on Gun Hill in Trinity many years ago. He informed the Atlantic Guardian that the guns were part of the English defenses of Trinity during the English-French wars and were rolled into the sea near Fort Point battery when the French captured the port at one time. The guns lay in the sea for many years until one day when Richard and his friends pulled them out and, with a great deal of trouble and ingenuity, set them up on Gun Hill, or Rider's Hill as it is also called. As an adult, Bugden had been employed at the Bell Island submarine mine prior to leaving Newfoundland in 1922. He is buried in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto.

The variant above was printed on p.12 of the Atlantic Guardian, volume 11, number 06 (August 1954) and published by Guardian Limited, St John's, NL, Ewart Young, editor [1913-1968]


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