I've Never Been To Newfoundland
(Isle Aux Morts Boys) video
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I've never been to Newfoundland
but someday I'm a-gonna go,
To see if everything they say is true;
I'd like to taste the mutton,
some good ol' Newfie Screech,
Maybe even learn a joke or two.

I'd like to sail those little boats
right out across the bay,
Maybe even catch a cod or two;
I'd like to fish those Grand Banks
I've heard so much about,
These are just some things I'd like to do.

I'd like to travel inland
or enjoy the rugged coast,
Maybe even see a caribou;
If I ever get to Newfoundland
in the good ol' summertime,
These are just some things I'd like to do.

Now I met Vi and Fred Snooks
more than thirty years ago,
And Minnie and John White I know as well;
And Freeman Walters told me
what Jack Tilley said was true,
Those girls from Newfoundland are really swell.

I'd like to visit Harbour Grace
or maybe Fortune Bay,
They say the sights will
keep you in a trance;
I'd visit Codroy Valley
and maybe talk to Minnie White,
And I could even get to Come-By-Chance.

I hear they like to party,
sometimes all night long,
Their hospitality is really grand;
And when the party's over
and you lay down to sleep,
If you got no woman, you could use
Aunt Martha's sheep.
If you got no woman, you could use
Aunt Martha's sheep.


####.... Doug Bell ....####
Variant of a humorous tribute song to Newfoundland originally recorded by the Isle aux Morts Boys (If I Won The Lotto, WRC4-6636, c.1998 Cassette, Independent).

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From Wikipedia:
Screech - 40% alcohol rum sold legally in liquor stores both in and outside of Newfoundland and bottled by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation. Unlike their counterparts in other provinces, NLC has retained their bottling business. The spirit is widely available in Canada and is distributed in the New England States (Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont) in the USA.

Freeman Walters - accordion and harmonica player in the Isle aux Morts Boys band.
John White [1930-2009] - popular St John's Irish tenor who was a regular on CBC Radio for ten years (1954-1964) and CBC Television for twelve years (1964-1976).
Minnie White [1916-2002] - accordion and mandolin musician born in the south coast community of St Alban's, Baie d'Espoir. In 1993 she was awarded the Order of Canada and in 1994 was inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Hall of Honour. She was a 1995 East Coast Music Awards Instrumental Artist of the Year nominee and performed regularly at festivals and special events around Newfoundland until her death.


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