My Love In Newfoundland (James Murphy)

In many lands I've wandered,
in many climes I've roved,
On many charms I've pondered,
and many maids I've loved;
But since I crossed the water,
a new light on me shines,
In the beauties of a daughter
of this enchanting Isle.

Then fill a flowing bumper
and raise it high in hand,
My toast shall be forever:
my love in Newfoundland.

Her eyes are sparkling ever,
as at eve the evening star;
Than the murmer of the river
is her voice much sweeter far.
Than the carol of the linnet,
as she salutes the day,
Or the thrush's gayer warble
in the sunny month of May.

Then fill a flowing bumper
and raise it high in hand,
I'll toast both now and ever:
the Belle of Newfoundland.

####.... Unknown officer of HMS Hydra, c.1861 ....####
Printed in St John's in 1912 on p.8 of Old Songs Of Newfoundland published by James Murphy [1867-1931].

James Murphy's Publisher's Notes:
In the 1860s HMS Hydra was protecting our shores. An officer of the Hydra was smitten by the charms of a fair daughter of Terra Nova. He composed these verses on her beauty, which were published in a St John's newspaper in 1861. It was sung for many years afterwards by the residents. The song was written at Halifax, NS, and sent to St John's.


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