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Now, Johnny was a fisherman
who lived out in the bay,
He made a little moonshine
to pass the time away;
He made a little moonshine,
a very special brew,
It caused the b'ys to cross their eyes,
that good old mountain dew.

The constable he came around,
to Johnny he did say,
"I'd like to know who makes
the moonshine out here in the bay."
Now, Johnny being no one's fool,
quickly he replied,
"Same man who makes the sunshine
out in Sunnyside."

A rat in Johnny's cellar
was having quite a scoff,
So Johnny put some moonshines in,
hopes would kill him off;
The rat he staggered out that night
and sang out loud and clear,
"I'll black the eyes of any cat
this side of Carbonear."

Well, the Parson said to Johnny,
"Now, Johnny, you must know,
If you keep drinking moonshine,
to hell you'll surely go."
"Now, Parson," answered Johnny,
"'tis plainly to be seen,
I use it in me motorboat
instead of gasoline."

Well, Johnny died and went aloft,
Saint Peter he did meet,
He noticed Johnny wasn't
very steady on his feet;
He said to Johnny, "What is that
you've got there in your hand?"
"Don't worry, b'y," said Johnny,
"it's just a moonshine can."

"Well, you cannot take it with you,"
Saint Peter he did say,
"You'll have to leave your moonshine can
outside the pearly gate."
Well, Johnny thought it over
and told Saint Peter, "No!
I guess I'll take me moonshine can
and trudge on down below."

####.... Dick Nolan and Willis Hancock ....####
Recorded by Dick Nolan (Home Again This Year, trk#3, 1973 LP, RCA Records, Toronto, Ontario, produced by Jack Feeney and recorded at Audio Atlantic Studios, Halifax, Nova Scotia).

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A variant was recorded by Ray Broderick from Freshwater and Victoria, NL (The True Newfoundlander, trk#3, 1974 LP, Buckshot Records, Toronto, Ontario, produced by Wally Pynn and recorded at Echo Studios, St John's, NL).

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Scoff - cooked meal at sea or ashore, especially at night and often part of an impromptu party; such a repast prepared with 'bucked' or stolen ingredients.

Sunnyside is a town on the Avalon Peninsula approximately 153 km (95 miles) west of St John's via the Trans Canada Highway/NL-1W. According to the 2011 Statistics Canada Census, the population was 452, a 3.8% drop since 2006.

Carbonear is a town in the Avalon Peninsula approximately 109 km (68 miles) west-northwest of St John's via the Trans Canada Highway/NL-1W and NL-70N. According to the 2011 Statistics Canada Census, the population was 4,739, up from 4,723 in 2006.


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