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On the island of Wabana,
on the coast of Newfoundland,
I fell in love with a pretty girl
whose name was MaryAnn;
I left to seek employment
far away from home,
And had to leave that little girl
on the island all alone.

I got a job and went to work
and wrote her every day,
And the months go by so quickly
I will soon be on my way,
To the island of Wabana
where the people are so carefree,
I'll marry that sweet little girl
and take her back with me.

Today I received a letter,
and this is what it said:
"I found another true love,
and tomorrow we will wed.
You've been gone for oh so long,
I hope you understand.
We'll be married on Wabana,
on the coast of Newfoundland."

No more will I be returnin'
to that island in the bay,
I'm here in the big city
and here's where I'll stay;
Her memories will haunt me,
I'll forget her if I can,
I hope she's happy on Wabana,
on the coast of Newfoundland.
On the island of Wabana,
on the coast of Newfoundland.

####.... Ray McLean of the Newfoundland Showband ....####
Recorded by the Newfoundland Showband (Memories Of Home, trk#1, 1973 LP, Marathon Music, Toronto, Ontario); and (Newfoundland Showband, trk#1, 1999 CD of 20 Hits, Heritage Music, Toronto, Ontario).

Ray MacLean: lead guitar, vocals; Bill Whelan: drums; and Dave Noseworthy: bass; are from Bell Island. Winston Saunders: accordion, fiddle, mandolin; was born in Shearstown, Bay Roberts. Bill Chipman: electric guitar; from Spaniard's Bay.

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