Cliffs Of The Sea
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My name is Dan Riley,
my story I'll tell,
I went to Vancouver,
the big trees to fell,
To view the tall Rockies
and the great western sea,
But I left my heart
on the cliffs of the sea.

Now I'm working hard
in the lumbering woods,
The days they are long
but the money is good;
But when I'm alone,
I am longing to be,
Home with my friends
on the cliffs of the sea.

I think of my Mary
who cried when I went,
And I'll always treasure
those letters she sent;
But now she is married
to Bill Emberley,
In a nice little house
near the cliffs of the sea.

Then one day I married
a Vancouver girl,
And she thinks that I am
the best in the world;
And we are as happy
as happy can be,
But I'm far away
from the cliffs of the sea.

You may talk of the good life
but none can compare,
To an evening at home
in an old rocking chair,
With a smile on your face
and a child on each knee,
Telling old stories
from the cliffs of the sea.

But now I am old
and my family is grown,
And I live in this damn
senior citizens home;
Just a tired old man
with his fond memories,
Never to walk
on the cliffs of the sea.
Just a tired old man
with his fond memories,
Never to walk
on the cliffs of the sea.

####.... Gary O'Driscoll, 1993 Gabriel Award winning producer, folksinger, songwriter and musician of Bay Bulls and St John's, NL, and Peterborough, ON ....####
The video above features Gary O'Driscoll in 1981 at the Fifth Annual Newfoundland Folk Festival in St John's performing his original folk song about Dan Riley who left his cliffs by the sea for a life in Vancouver, BC.

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