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"A good dog is lost,"
Said a sign above the counter at the corner store,
With an address and a phone to call;
Still and all it said, just a little bit more it said,
"Hey there, stranger!
Well, I can... I can hardly believe,
Someone that I love that much
has run away from me,
And if you find her,
you can only return to me at any cost,
For a good dog is lost."

Somewhere out there tonight
upon a darkened street,
Running breathless with a wild beating heart,
In all directions on four tiny feet, callin',
"Hey there, stranger!
Well, I can, I can hardly believe,
Someone that I love that much
has forgotten about me."
Look at all these people
tucked away in their houses,
And they're watchin' reruns of Who's The Boss,
While a good dog is lost.

And a tired clerk at the counter says:
"Every day in tiny ways we disappear;
On a night like this
it's better him than me out there."

But "A good dog is lost",
Said a flyer beneath the
windshield wiper of my car;
So I stashed it in my groceries,
Caught this expression in my rear-view mirror.
It said: "Hey there, stranger!
Well I can, I can hardly believe,
That a picture of a puppy drawn with a crayon
Would get to a guy like me.
I guess I'll just go out and drive around,
I know I'll never sleep,
But I'll just turn and toss.

For a good dog is lost.
Good dog is lost.
A good dog is......

####.... Ron Hynes and Lily Hynes ....####
Recorded by Ron Hynes in a compilation of songs (The Sandcastle Sessions, 1999-2001, trk#4, 2002 CD, produced by Ron Hynes at Sandcastle Recording Studio, Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island); and (Get Back Change, trk#10, 2003 CD, produced and arranged by Paul Mills, Borealis Records, Toronto, Ontario).

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Ron Hynes' daughter Lily was going on four when events led up to the creation of this ballad about a shih-tzu belonging to Cathy Jones, a local television personality who at the time lived just down the road from the Hynes home in St John's. Lily drew a poster to hang in the nearby store and Ron wrote this ballad.


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