Farewell To My Fishing Days (Eldred Mesher)
#2286: YouTube video by Eldred Mesher
©2012 ~ Used with permission ~

As the day draws to an end,
it's lamp lighting time again,
On the islands cradled by the ocean blue;
Gentle breezes from the sea
brings a message home to me,
That my life out on the ocean now is through.

Oh, when I was just a lad,
I'd go fishing with my dad,
With jigger we would fish until sundown;
Bright and early every morn,
just as sure as you were born,
It was off again out to the fishing ground.

When the dawn broke in the sky,
and a sea was raging high,
The islands they would disappear from view;
Tossing wildly to and fro,
o'er the mighty sea we'd go,
In our little boat out on the briny blue.

We were happy then and free
to make a living from the sea,
But little did we know the time would come,
When a way of life would end
for the inshore fishermen,
Catching cod and salmon on the run.

An abundance was at hand
on the banks of Newfoundland,
And the banks just off the coast of Labrador;
But the dragger and its crew
took away from me and you,
A way of life we loved, forever more.

Dragging through the briny deep,
from the ocean floor they'd sweep,
The many tons of cod fish large and small;
There were warning signs each day,
but the bureaucrats would say:
The stocks are high, there's plenty for us all.

But their greed and disrespect
left this province in a wreck,
We've nothing left, they've taken it away;
Now our fishing days are o'er,
with the boats upon the shore,
I'll bid farewell to my good old fishing days.
Now our fishing days are o'er,
with the boats upon the shore,
I'll bid farewell to my good old fishing days.

####.... Eldred Mesher, singer, songwriter and guitarist from Paradise River and Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, ©1996, All Rights Reserved ....####
The video above features a live performance by the author, Eldred Mesher.

Eldred Mesher noted: This song was written shortly after the cod moratorium in 1992. My belief is that the offshore dragging vessels and years of government mismanagement of the fishery was the cause, as is with everything else that government controls in our society today.

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