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January 29, Labrador,
My friend Burton Winters went off this shore;
He went farther and farther, more and more,
I keep thinking that he's gonna
walk right through that door.

And when we called Search and Rescue,
what did they do?
They sat there drinking coffee - Sad but true.

What did they do to you?
They just let your candle burn out,
We wanted them to find you,
but they never heard us cry out;
So I said to my heart what I wanted to believe,
That you would soon be back here with me.

When we called Search and Rescue
what did they do?
They just sat there drinking coffee - Sad but true.
Oh, sad but true. Oh, God, what did they do?

January 29, Labrador,
My friend Burton Winters went off this shore....

####.... Eric White of Makkovik, Labrador [13 years old] ©2012 ....####
The video above features a recording arranged by Jacinda Beals of Happy Valley, Labrador

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Jacinda Beals noted that during The Labrador To The Core School Tour, her band went to Makkovik, Labrador, where they met a sweet 13-year-old by the name of Eric White. While they were doing their workshop on writing Labrador songs, Eric decided to write about his dear friend Burton Winters. He did an amazing job.

Burton Winters was a fourteen-year-old boy from Makkovik, Labrador. He went missing on January 29th, 2012, while riding his snowmobile to his home. He had gotten lost, abandoned his snowmobile and walked, but walked the wrong way for 19 km (11 miles). Search and Rescue were called twice and did not show up until three days later, after it was too late, with excuses of mechanical problems, or that they could not send a helicopter from the base in Halifax due to a chance of a more important emergency. The people of Makkovik and surrounding communities searched day and night before he was found without the help of Search and Rescue. Perhaps Burton would still be alive today if Search and Rescue had come.


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