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On a hill overlooking the harbour,
Where the water flows down to sea,
Stands a church in all of her beauty,
With a welcome for you and me.

Such peace and tranquility
Just to walk upon her road,
And listen to her people as
The news of the world is told.

You'll always find a welcome,
Her greetings you won't forget,
That little part of heaven,
The town we call Grand Bruit.

Their way of life is different,
It's the way her people like;
No cars upon her road,
Just peddle bikes and trikes.

And when the day is over,
And you want to make a friend,
Take a little stroll up
To the Cramalott Inn.

Where the door is always open,
By night and by day;
And like Joe Billard says,
No one gets turned away.

You'll always find a welcome,
Her greetings you won't forget,
That little part of heaven,
The tiny town of Grand Bruit;
That little part of heaven,
The town I won't forget.

####.... Bernie Sheaves of Port aux Basques, NL ....####
Recorded by Bernie Sheaves (To purchase an album, contact Bernie-Marina Sheaves on Facebook).

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From Wikipedia:
Grand Bruit (pronounced Grand Brit which means great noise in French) - Canadian fishing outport on the southwestern coast of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It was founded in the early 19th-century and named by early French settlers for the roar of the freshwater falls cutting through the community. Located east of Channel-Port aux Basques, Grand Bruit was experiencing depopulation related to changing economic and demographic conditions in rural Newfoundland, in particular the collapse of the Newfoundland cod fisheries in the early 1990s. As of 2009 it had an aging population of 31. The last school in the town closed on June 22, 2007 as the last students from the town graduated from elementary school. As of September 2009, 26 out of 31 residents had voted their intent to move the community and take payouts from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. A provincial law on resettling outports requires 90 percent of a community to consent to relocation before a community can be moved. Residents have the option to apply for government permits to return to their homes seasonally for use as summer cottages. As of July 2010, the last remaining residents of Grand Bruit accepted the provincial government's offer of $80,000 per household ($90,000 offered to households of 2 or more residents). By 2010, the last permanent residents had relocated. Long accessible by ferry, the community's only outlet to the outside world, there were no cars in Grand Bruit. So, in 2010, the following notice was posted by the Department of Transportation and Works, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador on the provincial government's ferry service website: Please be advised that effective Thursday, July 8, 2010, the vessel will commence a new schedule between Lapoile and Rose Blanche only.


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