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They came across the sea, far away, far away,
They soon discovered me,
on that day, on that day;
Now my heart is filled with sorrow,
Since they took the land from me;
Sweet their words, sweet as honey,
As they stole my life from me.

My world is gone, but my spirit lingers on.

I hear my people call, calling me to be free,
They call from far away to be free on this day;
And their voices roar like thunder,
Over mountain, hill and plain,
Filling all with wonder as we struggle
To rise above the pain.

Here comes the dawn and my spirit lives on.

Manitou, I call, I call to you, Great Manitou,
Hear my cry to you, hear my call, Great Manitou.

I call to Manitou, call to Manitou.

####.... Mickey Michael of Torbay, NL ....####
Recorded as Manitou by Mickey Michael (The Fisherman's Ghost, trk#12, 2008 CD, Record Time Productions, St John's, NL, produced by Rick Hollett).

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From Wikipedia:
Manitou - spirit beings of Algonquian groups of Native Americans. This spirit is seen as a contactable person as well as a concept. Everything has its own manitou - every plant, every stone, even machines. In some Algonquian traditions, the term Gitche Manitou is used to refer to a Great Spirit or supreme being. The name of the Canadian province of Manitoba, named for Lake Manitoba in the province, derives from the place name manitou-wapow, strait of the Manitou in Cree or Ojibwe, referring to The Narrows at the centre of the lake. The Fox Indians believed that the Manitou dwelled in the stones of the sweat lodge. On heating the stove, the heat of the fire made manitou come out from its place in the stones. Then it proceeds out of the stones when water is sprinkled on them. It comes out in the steam and enters the body. It moves all over inside the body, driving out everything that inflicts pain. Before the manitou returns to the stone, it imparts some of its nature to the body. That is why one feels so well after having been in the sweat lodge.


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