I Married A Newfie (Dick Nolan)

Well, the night was late, I was all alone
In the city of T O,
When I stopped inside a little bar,
A place I often go;
I ordered up a rum and coke
And was reachin' for the fee,
When a little hand layed a dollar down,
Said, "Sir, the drink's on me."

Well, I turned around, saw her Colgate smile,
She was too sweet to be true,
Her hair was black as sunset,
And her eyes were God's own blue;
Her pretty clothes, her freckled nose,
It was beauty wild and free,
And my eyes rolled 'round when I heard her say,
"Sir, will ya marry me?"

She never spoke I know for an hour or so,
When then I heard her say,
"My daddy he's an oilman
In the good ol' USA.
He'll be so proud, you'll be his son,
Have a share in the Texan gold,
You have nuttin' to do, only sit at home,
And watch The Pig And Whistle show."

Oh, the church was darn near empty,
When I signed away my life;
The parson sweetly smiled and said,
"I pronounce you man and wife."
As I walked the aisle my face was smiles,
And I held on to her hand,
But I almost cried when she said, "I lied,
I came from Newfie land."

Well, very next day we were on our way,
To that island in the sea,
Into an unknown future,
Not knowin' what my life would be;
Well, in Port aux Basques 'twas there I asked,
How will I earn my bread?
She said, "It's fish and welfare,
The way my daddy did."

Well, the bus had stopped and out we got,
Her dad was standin' there,
His rubbers pulled up o'er his knees,
Spittin' baccy in the air;
It was twice as dark as Miller's Cave,
I was almost scared to death,
He said, "It's not Toronto, boy,
We've no electricity yet."

Now I'm tucked away and I'm here to stay,
But there's one thing that I know,
I'll nevermore see my western home,
Or The Pig And Whistle show;
But if you ever come to Newfie land,
Come and see me in my camp,
I'll be in the bed, readin' comic books,
By the light of the kerosene lamp.
I'll be in the bed, readin' comic books,
By the light of the kerosene lamp.

####.... Ellis Coles ....####
Recorded by Dick Nolan (Happy Newfoundlanders, trk#8, 1973 LP, RCA Records, Toronto, Ontario, produced by Jack Feeney, recorded at RCA's Toronto Studios).

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From Wikipedia:
The Pig And Whistle - Canadian musical television series aired on the CTV television network from 1967 to 1977. Filmed in Toronto, Ontario, but set in a fictional English pub, the show featured an assortment of Canadian, British and Irish performers. One of CTV's most popular programmes of its day, The Pig And Whistle drew ratings of over a million viewers in the early 1970s. The programme was hosted by John Hewer and featured the music of the Carlton Showband, a Canadian-Irish musical group. Scottish singer and entertainer Stan Kane was often featured. The programme's title is derived from one of the names of a traditional English public house, whose meaning in turn remains somewhat speculative.

Port aux Basques (also Channel-Port aux Basques) - town at the extreme southwestern tip of the island of Newfoundland fronting on the eastern end of the Cabot Strait. A Marine Atlantic ferry terminal is located in the town which is the primary entry point onto the island of Newfoundland and the western terminus of the Trans-Canada Highway in the province. The town was incorporated in 1945 and the current population (2011) is 4,170. Port aux Basques is the oldest of the collection of towns that make up the present-day town, which consists of Port aux Basques, Channel, Grand Bay, and Mouse Island. Amalgamation took place in the 1970s.

Baccy - tobacco.
Miller's Cave - reference to Harlan Howard's ballad, recorded by Hank Snow (1960) about a fictitious cave in Tiger Mountain, Georgia, where the singer takes the cheating, scheming bones of his lover and the meanest man in Waycross, Georgia, and becomes the most wanted man in the state but can't be found because he's lost in Miller's Cave.
T O - acronym for Toronto, Ontario.


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