Ode To A Flower (Mickey Michael) video
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I wish I were a flower,
beautiful and rare,
Standing in a place all alone;
And if a pretty maiden
were to see me there,
She would take me for her own.

She would lift me up
and hold me to her heart,
She would love me endlessly;
She would look upon me
with her loving eyes,
And she'd kiss me tenderly.

And I would bring her music,
I would bring her joy,
I would bring her fragrance,
oh so rare;
I would bring her laughter,
take away her sorrow,
I would bring her love beyond compare.

And we would be together,
laughing in the sun,
Sharing days of love and joy;
We'd be so happy then,
we wouldn't even see,
How fleetingly the days go by.

But days don't last forever,
they just come and go,
Like the waves upon the sea;
I'd love to live forever,
but in my heart I'd know,
'Twould nearly be the end for me.

And she would see my sorrow,
she would feel my pain,
And I would see the tears
she'd shed one day;
She'd hold me in her arms,
and I would close my eyes,
Then I would slowly fade away.

####.... Mickey Michael of Torbay, NL ....####
Performed and recorded on YouTube by Mickey Michael.

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