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We live in the most beautiful land,
Where trees are so green and the ocean's so grand;
Our lives are simple and so carefree,
A beautiful place for you and for me.

Many have sung of this wonderful place,
Where God, I'm sure, had a smile on His face,
When years ago this country so grand,
We founded its name that we call Newfoundland.

Money, I know, we need to exist,
But love for this place hits the top of our list;
Disasters, crimes and troubles are few,
When we see the papers and the Six O'Clock News.

The air that we breathe is second to none,
Look at your children as they have their fun;
Freely they roam with their friends and their toys,
Not caring for guns, earthquakes or noise.

Take a while, sit down and see what we got,
Believe me, it's nice to be here on the Rock;
Peace and contentment that you'll find so grand,
When you come to visit our Newfoundland.

Heaven on Earth, I'm sure we've found,
As throughout the world you travel 'round,
There's no place so happy, so carefree or grand,
Like our little island we call Newfoundland.
Like our little island we call Newfoundland.

####.... Harry Coombs from Spaniard's Bay, NL ....####
Recorded by Harry Coombs (Baccalieu Trail, trk#4, 1994 Cassette, Independent, recorded at Wildfinger Productions, Roaches Line, and manufactured by SWC Productions, English Harbour West).

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