Piccadilly Sand Farewell (Dardanelles) video
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It's so lovely to walk
upon the warm sand together,
Hand in hand with the one
you love on a summer's day;
As we stroll by the gently
rollin' waters I remember,
Promises we made and
things we had to say.

I knew a day would come
when I'd have to go away,
To a far distant shore;
love would have to stay.

So farewell to yesterday
perhaps there'll be another,
Who will wash away your tears
and take you by the hand;
Farewell to all kind and true lovers,
We were soft as the winds
upon the summer sand.

'Cause love's a broken wing;
love's a candle in the rain;
Love will pass away;
love can always come again.

So let the drums roar,
and the guns all go a-rolling,
Here ever after I'll do all I can;
But I will remember tender kisses stolen,
I remember laughter on the Piccadilly Sand.

####.... Ron Hynes with Newfoundland fiddler and composer Émile Benoit ....####
Recorded by Ron Hynes (Ron Hynes, trk#8, 2006 CD, Borealis Records, Toronto, Ontario)

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The video above features a live performance of a variant by Aaron Collis, Tom Power, Emily Bartellas, Matthew Byrne and Richard Klass of the Dardanelles for the Night Of A Thousand Songs Benefit/Tribute show in the Delta Ballroom, St John's, NL, on September 30, 2012.

Also recorded by Celtic Connection (The Celtic Connection, trk#6, 2000 CD, Popular Records, Markham, Ontario, distributed by Warner Music Canada, Scarborough, Ontario, produced by Bill Garrett and Paul Mills, and recorded and mixed at Inception Sound, Toronto, Ontario, February-April, 1997); and (The Best Of Irish Newfoundland Favourites, trk#12, 2009 CD, Avondale Music, St John's, NL, executive producers: Lyle Drake and Celtic Connection).

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