Skipper Billy's Wake (Dick Nolan) video
See also: Skipper Billy's Wake (A Frank Willis)
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Aunt Lucy made an announcement
early in the day,
She said she hated to tell us
Uncle Bill had passed away;
Well, we were so excited,
our legs began to shake,
We knew we'd been invited
to Skipper Billy's wake.

At two AM, we crowded in
to say our last goodbye,
To think there was moonshine in the room,
it made us jump for joy;
But someone made a blunder
that was beyond our reach,
And just to help us out a bit
they brought along some screech.

We took old Bill out of the box
and placed him in a chair,
We started drinkin' 'shine and screech
to sorta drown our fears;
But when we looked at Skipper Bill
his face was old and drawn,
We thought we better bury him
before the break of dawn.

Oh, what a lovely funeral
we had upon that night,
A little breeze was blowin',
and the stars were shinin' bright;
We bowed our heads and said a prayer
and raised our bottles high,
And drank a toast to Skipper Bill
away up in the sky.

Next morning we were awakened
by Aunt Lucy once again:
"Please call the search and rescue,
well, we can't find Uncle Jim!"
The funeral flashed before me,
and I had an awful dread,
If Bill was still there in the chair,
we buried Jim instead.

Well, I called the boys together
and a meeting we then had,
I told them of the slight mistake,
it wasn't all that bad;
We'd go out there and dig him up,
no one would never know,
'Cause Uncle Jim would never know
with moonshine in the hole.

Well, we placed the box upon the ground
and lifted off the lid,
Uncle Jim just lay there grinnin',
at least he wasn't dead;
He looked at us and took a drink,
and he said there is no doubt,
It was a lovely party
until the lights went out!

Now may this be a lesson
to you swingin' folks around,
Be careful what you're drinking
when you're out on the town;
And let this be a lesson,
I hope you all would teach,
Never, when you're drinking,
mix moonshine with your screech.

####.... Ellis Coles. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
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This variant was recorded by Dick Nolan (Happy Newfoundlanders, trk#5, 1973 LP, RCA Records, Toronto, Ontario, produced by Jack Feeney).

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A variant was arranged and recorded as Skipper Billy's Wake by the Brewis Brothers - A Frank Willis and Peter Francis Quinlan (Singers For Fishermen, trk#11, 1992, Atlantica Music, recorded at Kinck Sound, Scarborough, Ontario).

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The video above features a recording by Allison Crowe of Nanaimo, British Columbia and Corner Brook, NL (Newfoundland Vinyl, trk#5, 2013 LP and CD, Rubenesque Records Ltd, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia).

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