The Nobleman's Wedding (Pamela Morgan) video

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(Kenneth Peacock)
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As I was invited to a nobleman's wedding,
Being of a fair one that proved unkind;
And she being ill for to think on her fond love,
Her former true love she left behind.

When the wedding supper it was over,
The company around were to sing a song;
The first that sang was her former true love,
And then for her he did sing one.

"How can you lie your head on another man's pillow,
And I that was your love so late;
You left me here for to wear this green willow,
And this content, love, for your sake."

The bride, she sat to the head of the table,
Hearing those words that she knew quite well;
No longer, no longer, she could not bear it,
And down from the table the new bride fell.

"One request I am going to ask you,
Grant it to me, I hope you will;
For this very night for to lie with my Mama,
The rest of my life for to lie with thee."

This request was freely granted,
Sighing and sobbing, she went to bed;
And he rose earlye day next morning,
He rose and he found his new bride dead.

How long have I to wear this lonely green willow,
Is it for one month or two?
And then I'll take off this lonely green willow,
And change the old love for the new.

A green willow tree is a handsome flower,
In the springtime of the year;
Where many's the lovyer spent
many's the long hour,
Talking of love that never was near.

####.... Author unknown. Variant of a British broadside ballad collected by George Petrie [1789-1866] and published in The Petrie Collection Of The Ancient Music Of Ireland, 2 vols (Dublin University Press 1855-1882); [Laws P31] American Balladry From British Broadsides (G Malcolm Laws, 1957). Earliest known date 1827 per E B Lyle, editor of Andrew Crawfurd's Collection of Ballads and Songs, Vol 1 (1975) #21, "The Penitent Bride", pp.235-236, "The Wedding" with two texts .... ####
The video above features a live performance by Mrs Jack (Ellen) (Nell) M Carroll [1911-1997] from Red Island, Placentia Bay and Stephenville, NL, accompanied by Pamela Morgan at the 1981 Fifth Annual Newfoundland Folk Festival - Maid Of Newfoundland Workshop.

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A variant was collected in 1929 from Patrick Lahey [1900-?] of Fortune Harbour, NL, and published as #75, The Nobleman's Wedding (pp.155-156) in Ballads And Sea Songs Of Newfoundland, by Elisabeth Bristol Greenleaf and Grace Yarrow Mansfield (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1933; and Folklore Associates, Hatboro, PA 1968)

'Lovyer' and 'earlye' - "... an added 'y' can enlarge or distort an existing vowel or diphthong: villyan, joynt (villain, giant)." Morath, Max (2004) Translating Mister Dooley: A New Examination of the Journalism of Finley Peter Dunne. (The Journal of American Culture Vol.27, Issue 2, page 147.
Green willow - symbol of loss or mourning.


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