The Court Case Of Tom (Kevin Beanland) video
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Last Monday morning, 'bout quarter to eight,
A big police car pulled into my front gate;
When out stepped a Mountie, he said,
"This won't take long.
For I have here a summons for your buddy Tom.

"You see, nine months ago he went out on a tear,
And he got to courtin' without even a terror;
So now he must pay for committing those sins,
'Cause his girlfriend gave birth
to a fine pair of twins."

At ten the next morning in Stephenville Court,
They charged Tom with paying
for the children's support;
But little they knew he was full of gin,
While Mary made love to his buddy Jim.

She then took the stand and they all heard her say,
"Tom is the father and now he must pay!"
When in through the door, and to her surprise,
Came Tom's loving wife to clear up those lies.

She said, "Early that morning 'bout twenty to four,
I sneaked my way into Mary's back door;
And alone in the bed and right down to his roots,
Tom was drunk as a skunk in his rubber boots."

Now the judge said to Mary,
"You must clear up this mess.
I'll throw you in jail if you don't confess!"
She said, "Jim came from the Rocco
with his money all gone,
And so we decided to blame it on Tom."

Tom was freed from the charges
of committing those sins,
While his buddy Jim had to pay for the twins;
But the judgement was erased,
and to Mary's surprise,
She had to serve seven years for telling those lies.
She had to serve seven years for telling those lies.

####.... Kevin Beanland from Flat Bay, NL ....####
Recorded by Kevin Beanland (The Flying Fiddler, trk#6, 1988 Cassette, produced by Kevin Beanland, Flat Bay, NL, and recorded at Sound Recording Studio); and (The Best Of Kevin Beanland - Air Canada's Flying Fiddler, trk#14, 1999 CD, produced by Kevin Beanland, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia).

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