Dear Old Ferryland (Martin Family) video
#447: YouTube video by Brian Martin
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Here's to dear old Ferryland,
the place where I was born,
Her winding roads and babbling brooks
I see them night and morn
And as the mist of memories clears,
for it's forty years or more,
Since first I left that little spot
that stands there by the shore.

I see her in the summers
when her fields are fresh green,
As she sits there by the ocean
so peaceful and serene;
I see her in the winter
in her robes of snowy white,
And the hills where we went sliding
on a bright and starry night.

I see her little cottages
by the hills and on the lea,
And old fresh water river
as it runs into the sea;
And oft on Sunday afternoon
as the boys and girls would stray,
Along the road to Calvert,
but to me 'twas Caplan Bay.

These scenes I see before me,
and sometimes I think I hear,
The sound of dancing on the bridge
when the nights are still and clear;
These things have changed but little,
and in memories never will,
I see the groves where once I roamed,
and dear old Sunny Hill.

Well, I love to think of childhood,
though it sometimes brings a tear,
I seem to think more of it now,
with the passing of the years;
I see my childhood playmates
in the days that used to be,
When we romped and played together
when free from care were we.

Well I know that some are missing,
for death it takes its toll,
For them a Pater Noster,
have mercy on their souls;
And when my time on earth is through,
and the Father calls me home,
Let it be in dear old Ferryland
He lets me rest my soul.
Yes, let it be in dear old Ferryland
He lets me rest my soul.

####.... Martin Keane and James Martin ....####
Recorded by the Martin Family of Flatrock, NL (Make Yourself At Home, trk#3, 2011 CD, Independent, recorded at Record Time Productions, St John's, NL).

From Wikipedia:
Flatrock - town in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador with a population of 1,457 in the Canada 2011 Census. Most of the people in Flatrock are of Irish descent, but there are some families who are descended from the few Norwegian settlers who came to Flatrock in the 1800s. Irish heritage is still strong today and can be seen in such things as religion, folkways, music, and dialect.


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