The Grizzly Bear Hunt (David Blackmore)

Me brother's out in BC,
he's living up the life,
It's coming up on the season,
he gets out his hunting knife;
Phone will always ring this time every year,
"Come on up, brother,
let's go hunting grizzly bear!"

Me brother and his buddies
they're a funny bunch,
They're tougher than nails
when it comes down to the crunch;
Always pulling jokes on the poor innocent ones,
They're not doing nothing wrong,
just having a little fun.

In the mail arrives a ticket to fly me to BC,
I was going hunting, just me brother and me;
I arrived in the back woods
and got to the cabin door,
Me brother he was drinking,
crawling around on all fours.

I knocked on the door, then I walked on in,
Me brother was glad to see me,
he was wearing a big bear skin;
He was telling us some tall story,
laughing and gone all weak,
They drank down a few more beers
and all fell off to sleep.

Sometime through the night
they figured they'd have some fun,
Some son of a B got out of bed
and took the bullets out of me gun;
Next morning at breakfast
we were having a bite to eat,
Me brother said,
"Go get your bear and bring us back the meat."

Walking down the path,
being as quiet as I could be,
Out jumped Mister Bear,
stood straight up in front of me;
I pulled up me rifle,
aimed at his left ear,
I pulled on the trigger,
there was nothing there.

I dropped me rifle
and I turned around to run,
Some prankster at the cabin
surely had his fun;
I turned around and took a look,
Mister Bear was on my heels,
You should have heard my pitiful squeals.

I got closer to the cabin,
I was getting out of breath,
I tripped on the door step,
I thought I was at my death;
The grizzly flew on over me
and crashed into the door,
You skin that one brother,
I'll go see if there's any more.

The moral of the story,
I will make it clear:
If you're going down to BC
to hunt down grizzly bear,
Make sure your gun is loaded
before you venture there.
I wonder if me brother's gonna
call again next year.
Yes, I wonder if me brother's gonna
call again next year.

####.... David Blackmore of Port aux Basques, NL, and Halifax, NS ©2010. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded by David Blackmore (Dear Old Port Aux Basques, trk#2, 2007 CD, Independent).

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