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Across the blue Atlantic
that I'd like to see once more,
Where you hear the breakers rumble
as they break upon the shore,
Where seagulls sing in harmony
as they fly above so free,
There lives the Newfoundlander
who makes their living from the sea.

The talk is going around, you see,
about the hunters as they sail,
What if I could make us heartless
with a foolish little tale;
One even called us murderers
because we cut the seals,
But if that was their living,
I wonder how they'd feel.

We don't like to kill the seals
or any living thing,
But you know we need the money
that the meat and fur will bring;
We don't try to make the news
and we don't kill for fun,
It's just our way of living,
how can it be so wrong?

They say a man will bring dye
on the seals out on the ice,
What movie stars are wearing mink
and thinking they look nice;
One must go after people
who are hunting just for fun,
Or those who cause the acid rain
that's killing everyone.

As honest Newfoundlanders,
we risk our lives each day,
When we go on the ice pans,
it's risk in every way;
So, go on and think we're heartless
and someday you may see,
That the killing of the harp seals
is a living from the sea.

####.... Kevin Beanland from Flat Bay, NL ....####
Recorded by Kevin Beanland (The Flying Fiddler, trk#8, 1988 Cassette, produced by Kevin Beanland, Flat Bay, NL, and recorded at Sound Recording Studio); and (The Best Of Kevin Beanland - Air Canada's Flying Fiddler, trk#6, 1999 CD, produced by Kevin Beanland, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia).

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From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Harp Seal - migratory seal of northern waters, hunted for its fur and oil; Greenland seal (Phoca groenlandica).
Pan - ² piece of flat ice, varying in size and shape but roughly circular.


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