The Moose Song (Kevin Beanland) video
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We left Flat Bay, the five of us,
and we're goin' to hunt the moose,
With pork and onions in our packs,
and the dogs a-runnin' loose;
Well, we headed in for Frenchman's Hill,
a cabin we would stay,
We tied the dogs and bed them down,
then we hit the hay.

Bernerd started telling jokes,
and I couldn't get to sleep,
So I filled the stove with firewood,
and they passed out from the heat;
Teddy lay there snoring,
sweat it smelled like rain,
And the snores that came from Kevin John
when aching by his pain.

Next morning before breakfast,
well, I untied my dog,
I headed straight for Journois,
there was something on the bog;
Frank untied the other dogs,
you should have seen them go,
Why, they ran just like greased lightning
and they hardly touched the snow.

We grabbed our guns, jumped in our boots
and headed down the trail,
And all hands in their underwear
and looking mighty pale;
Well, we finally made it to the bog,
but we didn't have a light,
And the dogs were barking at a moose,
he was almost taking flight.

Five shots rang out that morning,
and the moose lay on the bog,
When we opened up and bled her
was a feast for every dog;
When back at camp for breakfast,
we had liver, pork and paste,
And Stanley made the gravy,
the likes you'd never taste.

Was but a short time later that
we went down with our packs,
And little did we realize
what we carry in our packs;
And when we saw her colours
which the dark did not allow,
And there upon Big Journois bog
lay five slayed cows.

Now the moral of this story is
don't shoot in the night,
'Cause you may go to prison
if you don't see the light;
And if you go hunting
and you got the wrong big deuce,
Well, you better make sure it's daybreak,
before you shoot your moose.

####.... Kevin Beanland from Flat Bay, NL ....####
Recorded by Kevin Beanland (The Flying Fiddler, trk#1, 1988 Cassette, produced by Kevin Beanland, Flat Bay, NL, and recorded at Sound Recording Studio); and (The Best Of Kevin Beanland - Air Canada's Flying Fiddler, trk#15, 1999 CD, produced by Kevin Beanland, Dartmouth, NS).

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From the Free Dictionary:
Deuce - the devil.

Journois is located on the southwest coast of Newfoundland (on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, at Saint George's Bay) approximately 9.3 km (5.8 miles) west of Flat Bay on route NL-403 West.


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