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When Sunday comes 'round
and you're feeling blue,
Down on your luck with nothing to do,
Up to the valley is where you should go,
Enjoy the music of the Newfie Show.

From three until six, the music is low,
Enjoyed by all, the young and the old;
Too many to name but I'll mention a few,
The Chignic Lodge is the place for you.

There's Margie and Mildred, Swiffy and Dan,
Russell and Wesley, it's Rita Melcan;
There's Ernie and Lori, Kay and Paul,
Out on the floor they're having a ball.

From early spring till late up in the fall,
Sundays at Chignic's is loved by all;
When your show is over, you won't forget,
Where no one's a stranger,
just friends you haven't met.

There's Illick and Rosie, Shirley and Elvis,
If'n they're down, they're tryin' to kill us;
There's Sadie and Fittin, Harvey and Jean,
Doing a dance like you never seen.
Come to the Chignic, you'll see what I mean.

####.... Bernie Sheaves of Port aux Basques, NL ....####
Recorded by Bernie Sheaves (It Started From Two, trk#4, 2003 CD, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL - To purchase an album, contact Bernie-Marina Sheaves on facebook).

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Molly Chignic was a Beothuk Indian who lived on the west coast of Newfoundland near a community that is now called South Branch. The Chignic Lodge was named after her, but burned down circa 2006. ~ Laura Gillam-Hynes, St Andrew's, NL.

Note: Molly Chignic Brook is located beside Trans Canada Hwy 1 between South Branch and Doyles, NL.


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