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(Labrador Black Spruce)
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The men they are a rare breed
who founded this great land,
They fished and trapped the waterways
from the coast to far inland;
Their snowshoes streaked the endless plains
from fall to early spring,
When they set their traps,
when they blazed their trails,
You could hear their axes ring.

Through the stormy winter days
they often went alone,
For months and months they travelled
so far away from home;
It seemed that nothing could stop them,
bold hearts one and all,
Not raging rivers or rapids
or the mighty waterfalls.

They climbed the highest mountains,
they faced the bitter cold,
To lay another trapline,
for the fur it was their goal;
In the spring when they returned,
to their loved ones dear,
Who with happy hearts and shouting
were always waiting there.

You ask them why they'd gone there
where no one had gone before,
It's easy to explain, sir,
we're the sons of Labrador;
Now, we don't claim the credit
of those men true and bold,
Their names are stamped upon this land,
their story has been told.

Those men they are our forefathers,
and we can't ask for more;
Their heritage we proudly claim,
we're the sons of Labrador.

####.... Byron Chaulk, lyrics; Gerald Mitchell, music ....####
Recorded by Gerald Mitchell (Compilation album: Our Labrador, trk#5, 1993, Butter & Snow Productions, produced by Glen Tilley/Shirley Montague, recorded at Studio F, CBC Radio, St John's, NL and engineered by Terry Winsor).

Liner Notes: For generations, Byron Chaulk's ancestors lived a traditional lifestyle of trapping, fishing and hunting. Byron wrote this piece as a dedication to his father, one of the many hardy trappers of Labrador.

A variant was also recorded as We Sons Of Labrador by Labrador Black Spruce [1989-1999] (Love Of The Land, trk# 9, 1992 Cassette, Black Spruce Music, Labrador City, NL, recorded at Studio F, CBC Radio, St John's, NL, produced by Glen Tilly and engineered by Terry Winsor).

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