Alvin's Last Ride (Bernie Sheaves) video
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He pulled out of Hartland, New Brunswick,
Into a night of pouring rain;
He was heading down to Nova Scotia,
To the ferry that would take him home again.

Most of his life had been driving,
From St John's out to BC;
Behind the wheel of his Freightliner,
Is where he longed for to be.

Roll on, Alvin, keep rolling,
And when you reach that eighty zone,
You'll know you're on Cape Breton Island,
On the down-stretch headin' home.

He thought of his co-pilot, Nicholas,
His little grandson of four years;
And when he heard that jake brake,
He knew his Poppy was near.

He thought of Annette and their future,
And what they had planned to do;
Build a log cabin in the country,
Why he couldn't wait to ride his new Ski-Doo.

Roll on, Alvin, keep rolling,
Let those five-hundred horses run;
The heavenly gates are wide open,
Jesus is waiting for his son.

Early Sunday morning January,
Twenty-first, it all came to an end;
On the River View in Codroy Valley,
Jesus called to Alvin.

With his only son, Brian, beside him,
Surrounded by the winter scene,
Alvin died that morning,
And so did all his dreams.

All you big-rig drivers,
When passing on the Riverview,
Give him a blast from the air horn,
I'm sure Alvin will hear you.
I'm sure Alvin will hear you.

####.... Bernie Sheaves of Port aux Basques, NL ....####
The video above features a recording of the album title track by Bernie Sheaves (Alvin's Last Ride, 2007 CD, Independent, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL - To purchase an album, contact Bernie-Marina Sheaves on facebook).

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