I'll Bring It On Home To You
(David Blackmore) videos
#2340: YouTube video by David Blackmore
©2013 ~ Used with permission ~

You don't have to worry so much anymore,
Think I got us covered from door to door;
Follow your dream, well,
you've got to take a chance,
You could fall into
[hmmm, hmmm] a sweet romance.

There's nothin' can stop us now,
nothing can hold us down,
Together we'll cover a lot of ground;
If I had wings I would fly, fly you 'round the sky,
You would never have to wonder why.

I've been draggin' myself way too damn long,
Gotta figure out now what I'm doing wrong;
Got to take some time, yes,
I've got to clear my mind,
Then I'm sure everything is gonna be fine.

I'll find my sail again, I'm gonna ride the wind,
Never gonna let go until the end;
There's gotta be something more,
This I know for sure,
there's a big world outside my door.

We're gonna start today, we're gonna stop and say,
We're gonna take this all away-a-a-ay;
I'll bring it on home to you,
'cause you deserve it, too,
There's nothing on earth I wouldn't do, for you.

####.... David Blackmore of Port aux Basques, NL, and Halifax, NS, ©2013. Released on his 2005 CD, My Heart Is Home. Performing rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved. ....####
The video above features a live performance in 2013 by David Blackmore at Saltwater Studios, Halifax, NS.

The video below features a live performance in 2015 by David Blackmore at York Redoubt overlooking Halifax Harbour, NS.

#74: YouTube video by David Blackmore
©2015 ~ Used with permission ~

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From Wikipedia:
York Redoubt - fortification situated on a bluff overlooking the entrance to Halifax Harbour at Ferguson's Cove, NS, originally constructed in 1793. It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1962.


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