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#2443: YouTube video by NLTreasure
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A miner up in Labrador sat in a local bar,
His mind seemed oh, so far away
as he strummed on his guitar;
He said our government today
are doing things all wrong,
And sitting on the old bar stool,
he told his tale in song.

When Come-By-Chance went down the drain,
our island took a blow,
And so once more the government
got hunting they did go;
A liner board was started,
unemployment to consume,
But like their other ventures,
in a few years it was doomed.

They took our people from our ports
along our island coast,
Then settled them in larger towns,
to this they drank a toast;
But they forgot they needed jobs
to replace their fishing gear,
To heck, says Gambo's missile man,
we'll put them on welfare.

They signed a contract with Quebec
with no escalation clause,
And so we lost the whole shabang,
the power that was ours;
Of all the blunders that was made,
the one that topped them all,
Was when they gave the Frenchmen now
the mighty Churchill Falls.

The offshore oil is up for grabs,
the fishery's gone to pot,
And we've become a province whom
they've labeled, They have not;
But knowing Newfies like I do,
they'll rise above it all,
They'll sing the Ode To Newfoundland,
they'll never let her fall.

####.... Dick Gardiner of Labrador City, Labrador ....####
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#2444: YouTube video by oldirishladdie
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