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Now that I have come back home at last,
I can only look back to the past;
And I could divide it all in half,
Between the times I cried
and the times I had to laugh.

Now I pass the time with
what's around and be gone,
And I watch the mid-day shadows
and the evening sun;
Once I was a soldier in the war,
Now don't go askin' what I did that for.

And I've been on ships, I sailed to distant shores,
That was long ago, I don't go to sea no more;
'Cause I don't have the time nor the patience,
I don't have the strength,
I don't have the inclination.

Every rider has to leave the road,
Every wing must cease to soar;
Everyone must soon be o'er,
So we can carry on.

Every dawn must have its day,
That's what the old folks used to say;
Mine have surely slipped away,
Mine have surely slipped away.

I got some pictures of some places that I've been,
Pasted in a book so I can keep them clean;
Younger times, younger faces, younger friends,
With hope that's the place
I'll ever live those days again.

####.... Ron Hynes ....####
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Recorded by Wonderful Grand Band on their debut album (Wonderful Grand Band, trk#17, 1978 LP, independently produced, engineered by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines, Clode Sound Studio, Stephenville, NL); and (Remastered by Wonderful Grand Productions, 2010 CD).

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