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I know a fat old policeman,
he's always on our street,
A fat and jolly red-faced man,
he really is a treat;
He's too kind for a policeman,
he's never known to frown,
And everybody says that
he's the happiest man in town.

His jolly face it wrinkled
and then he shut his eyes,
He opened his big mouth,
it was a wondrous size;
He said I must arrest you,
he didn't know what for,
And then he started laughing
and nearly cracked his jaw.

He laughs upon point duty,
he laughs upon his beat,
He laughs at everybody when
he's walking down the street;
He never can stop laughing,
he says he's never tried,
But once he did arrest a man,
and laughed until he cried.

So, if you chance to see him,
while walking 'round the town,
Shake him by his fat old hands
and give him half a crown;
His eyes will beam and sparkle,
he'll gurgle wth delight,
Then you'll start him laughing
with all his blessed might.

####.... Charles Penrose ....####
The Laughing Policeman is a music hall song by Charles Jolly, the pseudonym of Charles Penrose. Penrose made the first recording of this song, which was released on Regal Records in 1922. The version more usually heard was recorded in 1926 and released on Columbia Records. The composition of the song is officially credited to his wife Mabel under the pseudonym Billie Grey; however, the music and melody are taken from The Laughing Song by George W Johnson which was originally recorded in the 1890s.

This variant was arranged and recorded by the Carlton Showband (25 All Time Favourites, 30th Anniversary, trk#10, 1993).


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