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See also: The Southern Shore Queen (Omar Blondahl)
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Now I'll tell you a tale of Cape Broyle,
Where there's beauty so plain to be seen;
And I've heard it in songs and in stories,
That they call it the Southern Shore Queen.

'Course they'll say that's a damn lie in Calvert,
And that their's is a prettier port;
But I heard from a fella from Shore's Cove,
That it's much nicer in Aquaforte.

Now the folks that live in Cappahayden,
All agree it's the place you should stay;
But they'll tell you from Kilbride to Portugal Cove,
You're better off in Biscay Bay. (And that's true.)

Well, I heard that from Bay Bulls to Mobile,
There was five girls for every man;
Well, I went out yesterday for a quick look see,
But all the girls have got jobs in St. John's.

Now, Cape Broyle I'm sure you all know it,
Runs four watery miles into land,
And they say it's a nice pleasant harbour,
And the safest for ships to load sand.

But these opinions get lost on our young folks,
Who say there's no fun 'round the Bay;
But whenever they're home for the weekend,
You can't wait till they've all gone away.

So, here's to the girls from Trepassey,
And here's to the times in Renews;
And here's to the Ferryland flyers,
And the fish plant we worked in Fermeuse.

And when we get advanced in our sixties,
We can sit and we'll argue all day;
But we won't come to any conclusions,
But it helps us to pass time away.

For Cape Broyle is famed for it's beauty,
But then so is the whole Southern Shore,
And for fear that my pen gets contrary,
I'll just ring out and say nothing more.

####.... Ron Hynes rewrite of the original by Gertrude M (Carew) Cahill [1916-2004] of Shore's Cove, Ferryland District, NL ....####
Recorded circa 1980 during a live performance on CBC Television by Ron Hynes with Ray Walsh, Kelly Russell, Sandy Morris, Bryan Hennessey, Ollie Smith and Rocky Wiseman.

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Gertrude M (Carew) Cahill's original song was recorded as The Southern Shore Queen by Omar Blondahl (A Visit To Newfoundland with Omar Blondahl, trk#3, 1958, Rodeo International, Mount Albert, Ontario; and Once Again For Newfoundland, trk#13, 1967, Melbourne AMLP 4007).

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