The Reluctant Soldier (Dave & Aubrey) video
#2006: YouTube video by NLTreasure
©2013 ~ Used with permission ~

In a dark Kentucky doorway,
the young man stands and stares,
His life is at the crossroads,
he looks older than his years;
For the burden that he carries
is almost more than he can stand,
Should he head out for the border
or the hell of Vietnam.

His father was an old-time general
who had seen a war or two,
And he said, Son,
I've got a lot of confidence in you;
I know that you won't wait
to hear the call of Uncle Sam,
But go out there and volunteer
for the war in Vietnam.

As the plane rolls down the runway,
his hands and feet are cold,
He waves goodbye to the family
he's leaving down below;
With a silent prayer he hopes God hears,
he prays for a safe return,
And the soldier sitting next to him
wonders at his words.

Oh, I don't want to fight, that's for sure,
I don't want to have to go to war;
But I know what I must do and,
Dad, I'll do it just for you,
But I don't want to fight, that's for sure.

In the swamps of Vietnam,
in a muddy green beret,
A homesick Kentucky soldier
gently wipes tears away;
Dreading for the time to come
that he must kill again,
But the worst was never knowing
who was foe or who was friend.

In the darkness of the jungle
a silent figure lay,
And a bullet from the sniper's gun
found the chest of the green beret;
Lying in the water that's
soon to be his grave,
His friends could only wonder
at the words they heard him say.

Oh, I won't have to fight anymore,
And I knew I'd never make it through this war;
Though I have to leave you now,
Dad, I hope I've done you proud,
But I won't have to fight anymore.
Dad, I won't have to fight anymore.

####.... Wince Coles © Performing rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded by Dave & Aubrey (Shove 'Er In Second, trk#10, 1982 LP, Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville, NL, produced, engineered and mixed by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines).

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