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Gaily flags were proudly waving
at the hour she set for braving,
All the obstacles advancing
on that frozen field of ice;
And her crew no danger fearing,
proudly caught the strength of cheering,
On the morning of her sailing,
many hearts they did rejoice.

Our feelings we expressed them,
when we knew that God had left them,
When we heard that they were sighted,
deeply laden on the foam;
And our hearts were glad and cheering
when told near old Cape St Mary's -
By the Portia she was sighted,
and she proudly sailing home.

Sadly now our hearts are mourning,
dreaming yet of her returning,
Many more with sorrow laden
said the ocean is her doom;
O ye waters merrily prancing
with the sunshine on you dancing,
O swift us back a message
just to lift this veil of gloom.

Tell us if she sank or stranded,
was she swallowed or abandoned -
Are the waves that rolled upon her
a forlorn and helpless wreck;
O ye breezes won't ye tell us
where are those noble fellows,
We cheered the day they left us,
crowding joyously on her deck.

O where is she, you breezes,
won't ye whisper grief or cheer us -
Come if you please and let us know
what has become of them
Who left sisters and fond brothers,
tender-hearted wives and mothers;
O swift us back a message,
tell us where is the Southern Cross.

####.... Author unknown. Original Newfoundland song ....####
This variant was recorded by Pamela Morgan as trk#4 on the 1983 LP: Songs, Stories And Tunes From Newfoundland & Labrador, trk#4; and as trk#11 on the 1986 Cassette: Favourite Newfoundland Folk Music; both compilations of songs by various artists were produced by Kelly Russell for Pigeon Inlet Productions, St John's, NL.

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A similar variant was collected as Southern Cross in 1976 from Mrs Caroline (Carrie) Brennan [1892-1994] of Ship Cove, NL, by Genevieve Lehr and Anita Best and published as #101 in Come And I Will Sing You: A Newfoundland Songbook, pp.175-176, edited by Genevieve Lehr (University of Toronto Press © 1985/2003).

Genevieve Lehr noted that the Southern Cross was lost in the spring of 1914, returning to St John's from the ice. She was full laden with seal pelts and last sighted by the Portia. Between 170 and 173 lives were lost with no trace ever found of the ship or crew. The crew of the Newfoundland was lost on the ice in the same storm, leaving about 252 dead in 1 month.

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From Wikipedia:
The sailing/steam vessel was originally commissioned as the whaler Pollux at Arendal, Norway, in 1886. Under the explorer Carstens Borchgrevink on Dec 19, 1898, Pollux made its first Antarctic expedition where it made marine history by breaking through the Great Ice barrier to the unexplored Ross Sea. Pollux was sold to Baine Johnston and renamed Southern Cross upon transferring to Newfoundland in 1901. Southern Cross participated in every seal hunt from 1901 until its tragic loss in the spring of 1914.

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