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#2410: YouTube video by oldirishladdie
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I was workin' real hard
before I got laid off,
But I didn't mind that much
because I knew I had enough
Weeks of workin'
for to file my claim,
Now I'm back in the ranks
of the unemployed again;
And it's U.I.C., standing in the long line,
U.I.C., waitin' for a cheque,
U.I.C., thinking you're gonna have a great time,
But three months later you're a nervous wreck.

They're sending me extra
but they're takin' it back,
Writin' me letters saying,
"Come and see us, Jack!"
The looks of my counselor
would make the flowers wilt,
And when I'm on the pogey
I'm always full of guilt;
And it's U.I.C., trying to enter trade school,
U.I.C., lookin' for a new start,
U.I.C., cursing yourself for a fool,
As your lightin' up the fireplace
with your Bachelor of Arts.

They say there's work in Edmonton
and work in Montreal,
Work diggin' graves and
pickin' apples in the Fall,
Work in the East and
there's work in the West,
But the best job of all
is handin' out the cheques;
And it's U.I.C., standing in the long line,
U.I.C., hangin' about,
U.I.C., complaining instead of changing,
But I better finish now
because my claim just ran out.

####.... Jamie Snider of Wonderful Grand Band (WGB) ....####
Recorded by Wonderful Grand Band (Living In A Fog, trk#10, 1981 LP, Grand East Records, St Jonh's, NL); and (Livin' In A Fog, trk#10, 2007 CD, re-release of 1981 album).

The video below features a live performance by Wonderful Grand Band at the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival on August 7, 2010 in St John's Newfoundland.

#2269: YouTube video by townside99
©2010 ~ Used with permission ~

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U.I.C. - Unemployment Insurance Canada, now known as E.I. - Employment Insurance.

From Wiktionary:
Pogey - (Canada, slang) government financial assistance, particularly unemployment insurance.


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