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At the turning of another moon,
comes time to end this day;
and only so many have to pass,
as I am gone away.

So I sing you now this lullaby,
though it is bittersweet;
for we have to part when we close our eyes,
but every morning meet.

These words fall down upon this page,
I never do get to sleep;
but to be so far away from you,
I lay my head and weep.

I know this night will be over soon,
there's another day in sight;
though darkness falls on the empty sheets,
only you bring in the light.

No, I will never be the perfect wife,
I don't even know what that is;
but I will be here and he'll always know,
that my heart is his.

Count down the days.
and draw the curtains back;
pour the wine and say,
that we'll love as much as we both can do,
until our dying day.

####.... Allison Crowe, Little Light, Trk#11, ©2008. All Rights Reserved ....####

Recorded by Allison Crowe (Little Light, trk#11, 2008 album, Rubenesque Records, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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