Newfoundlanders Extend A Hearty Welcome
(Johnny Burke)

A hearty welcome, General Higgins
and your good Lady, too,
From every home in Newfoundland
with hearts sincere and true;
All over Terra Nova's coast,
in every town and bay,
The Soldiers are assembled
to welcome you today.

You are the gallant leader
of the strong and powerful band,
In every country on the map
and here in Newfoundland;
The good Salvation Soldier
the hungry child will feed,
The outcast and the fallen one
when in their hour of need.

The good Salvation Soldier
and the ladies good and brave,
With words of consolation
the poor outcast to save;
It matters not which church they pray,
they never ask their creed,
There is a work of mercy
to help those that's in need.

In summer's sun or winter's storm,
in snow and blinding sleet,
While on his round of mercy
you will find him on the street;
While some are in their easy chairs
around a cheerful fire,
The Soldier he is bringing help
to those that do require.

At Christmas time both night and day
to see him you are sure,
The Christmas pudding and the beef
to feed the hungry poor;
And in the coves in rain or storm
those soldiers do their part,
For small donations in the pot
to cheer some lonely heart.

So now, brave General Higgins,
we wish a kind adieu,
We hope to see you soon again,
your visit to renew;
You're sure of a hearty welcome
and all your gallant band,
And also your good Lady,
from dear old Newfoundland.

Success to General Higgins,
sincerely do we pray,
The wish all over Newfoundland,
although but short your stay;
You won the hearts of every one,
and also your dear wife,
And may God's blessing on you
shower a long and happy life.

####.... Johnny Burke [1851-1930] ....####
Published in Burke's Popular Songs, page 9, 1929, Long Brothers, printers, St John's, NL.

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From Wikipedia:
Edward John Higgins - [1864-1947] third General of The Salvation Army (1929-1934).

From Newfoundland And Labrador Heritage Web Site:
The Salvation Army - founded in 1865 by William Booth, a Methodist preacher who sought to save both the lives and the souls of the thousands of urban poor in London's east end. From England, the Salvation Army spread to other countries. In Canada, the Salvation Army was first established in Ontario in 1882, but it was in Newfoundland that the Salvationists would achieve their greatest success.


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