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If I could sing you all over the world,
I'd sing you to Paris and Spain;
To the world's seven wonders and far Shangri-La,
And places too many to name.
I'd sing you O Canada true north and strong,
Some lines of 'Oh say can you see';
And when I have shown you all over the world,
I'd sing you back home here with me.

To Coppett, to Noggin Cove, Cricket and Femme,
Toogood Arm, Boxey and Conche;
Pushthrough and Lally Cove, Seldom Come By,
Muddy Hole, Cuslett, and Lawn.
Kettle Cove, Jean de Baie, Grand le Pierre,
Virgin Arm, Little Heart's Ease;
Blow Me Down, Come By Chance, Bumble Bee Bight,
Rare pictures of beauty and peace.


If the world that I've shown you
was wearing you down,
And you asked to rest for a while;
Away from the places of famine and war,
Where you find a welcoming smile.
There's one special place on the face of this earth,
That may not be very well known;
But if I could sing you all over the world,
To these Newfoundland treasures we'd go.

I'd take you to L'Anse-Au-Loup, Francois and Grole,
Belleoram, Placentia, Cape Broyle;
Hibbs Hole and Flatrock and Right In The Run,
From Bay du Nord Brook to La Poile.
Noddy Bay, Lushes Bight, River Of Ponds,
Silver Fox Island to Nain;
All over this beautiful three cornered isle,
And the land they say God gave to Cain.

I'd sing you all over this beautiful isle,
And the land they say God gave to Cain.

####.... Bud Davidge of Simani ....####
Recorded by Simani (Two For The Show, 1988 LP, trk#B4, recorded at Sim's Studio, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, Belleoram, NL).

Above lyrics submitted by Glen Kendell 24 Sep 2018.

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