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Bold Princess Royal, The ~ Traditional (V)

Buns Of Daily Bread, The ~ Peter Leonard

Cliffs Of Baccalieu, The ~ Jack Withers (V)

I Never Met A Liar (I Didn't Like) ~ R & C Hynes (V)

Kelligrew's Soiree ~ Johnny Burke

Lord Bateman ~ Traditional

Lukey's Boat ~ Virtue Kean [w/Pam Morgan] (V)

Me Old Ragadoo ~ Traditional

Rubber Boots ~ Traditional

Soup Supper In Clattice Harbour ~ Peter Leonard

Spanish Captain, The ~ Traditional

Súil A Grá ~ Traditional [w/Pam Morgan] (V)

Tobacco Song, The ~ Peter Leonard (V)

The Union From St John's ~ Traditional [w/P Morgan] (V)

Water Witch, The ~ Traditional

Biographical Notes

Anita Best was born in the small fishing village of Merasheen, in Placentia Bay, NL, just before confederation with Canada. On both sides of her family, there were wonderful singers of old ballads, tragic sea songs and comical ditties, and the occasional storyteller who gathered everyone around on the long winter nights.

Anita married young Pius Power, Jr [1944-1996] of South East Bight, NL in 1977, and went to Southeast Bight, a small fishing village not too far away from where she was born. Pius's father, old Phillip Pius Power, Sr [1912-1993] of South East Bight, NL, was a great singer and storyteller, so she added his songs and stories to her family collection while fishing with the Power family. In that collection were also a number of songs from Bonavista Bay and the French west coast of Newfoundland which she came upon while teaching school.

She was one of the founding members of the traditional rock band, Figgy Duff, but left the band after a short time to continue teaching and other cultural pursuits. She has followed careers in broadcasting, university lecturing and archiving around the province, always returning to singing and storytelling when she can.

In the 1980s, Anita studied folklore at Memorial University and settled in St John's with her daughter Kate. She worked from St John's as a university lecturer, ballad singer, and storyteller, as well as a heritage consultant, with a specialty in cultural policy. She traveled around Canada, in the United States and Europe in her storytelling and singing career. Most recently she had worked with bookmaker Marnie Parsons on a hand-printed collection of songs by Placentia Bay song maker Peter Leonard [1890-1964] of Little Harbour, Placentia Bay, NL, and a collection of five fairy tales as told by her late father-in-law.

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