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Bay Of Fundy (V)

Cannery Shed ~ Mary Garvey

Harbors Of Home ~ Joan Sprung

Herring Croon ~ Gordon Bok (V)

I'se The B'y That Builds The Boat ~ Traditional

The Loss Of The Bay Rupert ~ Larry Kaplan (V)

The Seawife ~ Rudyard Kipling

Waltzing With Bears ~ Dr Seuss (V)

Western Boat ~ Otto P Kelland (Vx3)

Biographical Notes

Gordon Bok [b.1939] grew up around the boatyards of Camden, ME. In his early years, he worked on a variety of vessels - fishing boats, passenger schooners, and as deckhand, mate, and captain of various yachts. On the boats, he learned many tunes, sea songs, stories, legends and ballads from the people with whom he worked. After high school, he worked on boats in the summer months while the rest of the year he worked as a carpenter and teacher in Philadelphia and other cities. It was there that he found a thriving folk music scene and began performing. Dissatisfied with the images generally portrayed of people who work on the water, he began to write songs based on the experiences of those he knew, real people whose language was honest, whose feelings were credible. At a time when folk music was experiencing a great revival, Gordon became a leader in preserving, collecting, creating and sharing a wide variety of rich and intensely beautiful songs of both land and sea. His mastery of both six and twelve string guitars added to his already well-developed vocal expression to create an unmistakable style that has carried him through decades of being one of the world's most cherished folk artists.


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