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A Children's Winter ~ Dermot O'Reilly

After The Ball ~ Charles K Harris (V)

Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem ~ R Fisher Boyce (V)

Blood Of My Blood (V)

Cherry Tree Carol ~ Traditional (V)

Christmas Time In Ireland ~ Traditional (V)

Come By The Hills ~ W Gordon Smith

Connemara By The Lake ~ Traditional

Dance With Me (V)

Darling Say You'll Love Me When I'm Old ~ Pat Casey (V)

Dreams Of Home (V)

Hand In Hand (V)

Hard Times Come Again No More ~ Stephen Foster (V)

I'll Be There (V)

Inn At Innisfree, The ~ Louise Morrissey (V)

Little Piece Of Heaven, A ~ Ned & Charlie Payne (V)

Maid On The Shore ~ Recorded by Stephanie Brazil (V)

My Own True Love ~ Judy Brazil (V)

Only One Tree ~ Loyola Hearn (V)

Shadows Of The Pines ~ H Loomis & G O Lang (V)

Torch, The (V)

Wildflowers ~ Dolly Parton (V)

Woman Of The Island ~ Dolores Hynes (V)

Biographical Notes

Judy Brazil comes from a family of 14 children from Trepassey on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. As a young child, she was inspired and encouraged by her father and grandfather's love of song and dance. She sang her first concert solo in school at age 11. Since then she has regularly performed at hundreds of weddings, concerts and festivals. In 2002, Judy was an opening act for Ireland's Paddy Reilly at the St John's Arts and Culture Centre. In 2003 and 2009, she was named "Citizen of the Year" for her volunteer work within the community of Trepassey. She is the choir director at Trepassey Church where she has directed St Patrick's concerts for a great number of years and wrote scripts and played musical instruments for many of them.

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