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GEST Songs Of NFLD (V)=video

Black Gold (V) ~   Pete St John

Christmas Eve In St John's (V) ~
   Gary O'Driscoll

Cliffs Of Baccalieu (Vx4) ~
   Jack Withers

Daisy A Day (V) ~ Jud Strunk

Fisherman's Song (V) ~
   D'Arcy Broderick

The Galtee Mountain Boy (V) ~
   P Halloran/C Moore

I No More Will Be Passing This Way (V) ~ D'Arcy Broderick

John O'Dreams (V) ~ Bill Caddick

Nancy Spain (Vx2) ~ Barney Rush

New Mown Hay (V) ~ Traditional

Phil Fluters Ball, The (V) ~
   Percy French

Saint Brendan's Voyage (V) ~
   Jimmy Driftwood

Shores Of Amerikay, The (V) ~

Streets Of New York (V) ~
   Liam Reilly

Will They Lie There Evermore (V)
   ~ Phil Phippard

Biographical Notes

D'Arcy Broderick is a Newfoundland-Irish musician who plays fiddle, guitar, mandola, banjo, accordion and mandolin and is best known as a member of the popular Irish-Newfoundland bands Irish Descendants and The Fables. He is currently performing around Newfoundland with Ron and Robert Kelly and Mike Hanrahan in the group Middle Tickle. Born in Bay de Verde, D'Arcy was introduced to music at a very early age, learning to play various instruments from his father Kevin's musical talents. Long considered one of the finest ballad singers in the province, D'Arcy is also considered one of the best fiddle players in Newfoundland Labrador. Broderick's professional career began when he joined the Sons of Erin and from there he became one of the founding members of the successful band Irish Descendants. With Broderick's multi-talented art with musical instruments and his very traditional Irish voice, he performed on three gold records by the Irish Descendants. The band received awards for Entertainers of the Year and Best Roots Traditional Artist, the Gabriel Award and a Juno for Best Roots Traditional Album. Broderick released his first solo album, By Request, which was recorded at Blair Whalen's studio in Torbay, NL, in March 2006.

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