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As Good As The Seals

Back To The Sea

Cry Like A Child

Grandmother's Old Rocking Chair

Heaven's Newfoundland

Old Fellers Like Me

Side Of The Hill (V)

The Great Confederation

The Old Picket Fence

Tracks In The Snow

Biographical Notes

Tim Brown [b.1944] was born in the small outport community of Carmanville, NL, and grew up in an era when men of the community gathered in the local store to tell stories and relate daily events. One of his favorite activities was sneaking close enough to listen to these men and his writing has been greatly influenced by the tales he overheard. Although he has been writing all his life he did not start to record his thoughts until he returned to Newfoundland from Ontario where he lived for many years. In the late 1980's, he began to compile his verses and stories into a collection that would soon number in the hundreds. With encouragement from his wife and friends, he began to read his poems at small gatherings and social events and the acceptance and praise he received convinced him his work was worth recording. In the next three years, he wrote and recorded two solo cassettes and two in conjunction with musician friend Dave Pike. In the late 1990's Tim was beginning to receive airplay and attention from the artistic community of Newfoundland and Labrador as well as mainland Canada. Just as he was starting to benefit from this recognition Tim suffered a stroke which would affect his writing. He lost interest in writing and spent the next five years recovering until he eventually began to write again. This renewed interest can be credited largely to two people: Ron Young, editor of the Downhome Magazine and Marion Hennebury, creator of the Newfoundland Poetry Web site. In 2001, Ron requested that Tim do an interview for the magazine and Tim's poems became a regular monthly feature as Bard of the Bay in the Bard's Haven section of the magazine. It was through the magazine that Marion became aware of Tim's writing. Subsequently her enthusiastic support and promotion of his poems on her Web site has allowed Tim a new avenue for exhibiting his work and reaching a wider audience. Today poetry readers in both Canada and the USA admire Tim's writing, and the feedback he receives is evidence that it has broad appeal for a growing and diverse audience.
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