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GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador

The 12 Elan ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

Angels In The Snow ~ Philomena & Kevin Blackmore

The Baccy Song ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

The Bay Is My Home ~ Wayne and Lucas Chaulk (V)

Big North Wind ~ Wayne Chaulk

The Big Tump ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

Body Jewelry ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Bridget And John ~ Ray Johnson

By D'Lard Liftin' ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

By The Glow Of The Kerosene Light ~ Wince Coles (V)

The Cabin, The River, And I ~ Wayne Chaulk (Vx2)

Chainsaw Earle ~ Kevin Blackmore, Wayne Chaulk (V)

The Chocolate Song ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Comforts Of Home ~ Wayne Chaulk

Dear Mr. Ford ~ Kevin Blackmore, Wayne Chaulk (V)

Deborah The Flagman ~ Ray Johnson (V)

Did You Hear Dis One ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Down By The Ocean ~ Wayne Chaulk (Vx2)

Dragger Song ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Dumping On Toronto ~ K Blackmore, W Chaulk (V)

Eighty Five Hours ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Eileen O'Grady ~ Traditional & Ray Johnson

Fitted For The Helm ~ Ray Johnson

Flies ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

Fruit Loopy ~ Kevin Blackmore

Gas 'n' Oil ~ Kevin Blackmore

Glory Be ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

Going Out The Bay ~ Wayne Chaulk

Goin' Up With Brudder ~ Wayne Chaulk

Goodbye Old Friend, Goodbye ~ Ray Johnson

Gotta Get Me Moose, B'y ~Blackmore, Chaulk, Johnson (V)

Have You Seen ~ Wayne Chaulk (Vx2)

He's A Part Of Me ~ Wayne Chaulk

The Hillside In September ~ Wayne Chauk

Hunting The Duck ~ Zeke Hoskin (V)

In The Woods ~ Wayne Chaulk

Is You 'Appy ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

Just Who You're Goin' To Meet ~ Traditional

Leave Her Johnny ~ Wayne Chaulk

Let Her Go ~ Kevin Blackmore, Ray Johnson

The Light Of The Western Stars ~ Traditional

Longer Than Time ~ Wayne Chaulk

Lunch ~ Wayne Chaulk

Makin' For The Harbour ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

Me And Bill ~ Kevin Blackmore

Me Car ~ Kevin Blackmore

Men Of The Bay ~ Kevin Blackmore

The Missus ~ Kevin Blackmore

Mr. Home Hardware ~Wayne Chaulk (V)

Mr. McGuire Sit Down ~ Traditional

My INCO Hat ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

My Old Wooden Shack ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

Never Pack Your Woman's Suitcase ~ Kevin Blackmore

Newfoundland ~ Ena Constance Barrett

Ogis Blogis Mogis ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

On The Deep Blue Sea ~ Kevin Blackmore

On The Government Wharf ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Only 19 ~ Ray Johnson

Partridge Berry Jam ~ Wayne Chaulk

Peein' In The Snow ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Peggy Gordon ~ Traditional (V)

Peter Crawley ~ Traditional

The Pits ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Punk Junk ~ Kevin Blackmore, Ray Johnson

Rock Yourself On The Ocean ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Row, Boys, Row ~ Wayne Chaulk

Salt Beef Junkie ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Saltwater Joys ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Sarah ~ Traditional (V)

Seamus O'Brien ~ W S Hays

Shinny On The Ice ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

Song For Newfoundland ~ Wayne Chaulk (V)

Spring On The Island ~ Chris Lorne Elliot (V)

Still Some More To Go ~ Wayne Chaulk

Swearing Song ~ Chris Lorne Elliott, Kevin Blackmore (V)

This Old Man ~ Based on a traditional

Till Early Mornin' ~ Ray Johnson

'Tis Good To See You ~ Arch Doody, Wayne Chaulk

Up To The Cabin ~ Wayne Chaulk

Where Fishermen Used To Be ~ Ray Johnson (Vx2)

Where The Alders Grow ~ Wayne Chaulk

Where The Mountain Meets The Bay ~ Kevin Blackmore

Who Will Watch The Home Place ~ Kate Long

Yesterday's Fishermen ~ Wayne Chaulk

Yodelling Song ~ Kevin Blackmore (V)

Biographical Notes

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers is:
Wayne Chaulk, Kevin Blackmore, and Ray Johnson. All three musicians are Newfoundlanders, and their musical style strongly reflects this fact. The group specializes in Newfoundland and folk music, as well as performing comedic skits and standup routines. Their most popular recordings range from serious reflections on Newfoundland culture (such as Sarah" and Saltwater Joys, to light-hearted tales that can border on the ridiculous (such as Is You 'Appy? and Chainsaw Earle). Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers have been a prolific group for over 30 years, producing nineteen albums, while still maintaining an active touring schedule throughout the Atlantic provinces and other Canadian cities.

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