Little John Cameron Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD
aka John Kerr Barr [1943-2002]

As Much As I Can Stand ~ Bill Anderson

Fiddler's Green ~ John Conolly (V)

Forty Shades Of Green ~ Johnny Cash (V)

Green Glens Of Antrim ~ Kenneth North (V)

Jimmy's Last Christmas

Jug Of Punch ~ Edward Francis Fitzwilliam (V)

Little Beggar Man ~Traditional (V)

Lost On The Road Again (V)

Maritime Farewell ~ Krytiuk/Butt/Altman

Mary From Dungloe ~ Traditional (V)

Pack Up Your Sorrows ~ Richard Fariña

Ramblin' Boy ~ Tom Paxton (V)

Sit Down, Mr. Music Man

Song For A Winter's Night ~ Gordon Lightfoot (V)

Standing On The Edge Of Town ~ Tom Paxton

Sunshine And Flowers ~ Eric Anderson (V)

Tribute To Newfoundland

When Will I Settle Down?

Biographical Notes

"Little" John Cameron spent his youth in High Blantyre, near Glasgow, Scotland. He attended St John's Grammar School in Hamilton, Scotland and started playing as a solo folk singer in local bars and clubs around 1966. His local pub was Hasties Farm where it is said he was allowed to stay after hours. He was a motorcycle fanatic back then and lived alone as his mother had re-wed and moved south to England. John moved to Toronto in 1968 when he was 25, and added "Little" to his name to distinguish it from the Maritime folk singer John Allan Cameron [1938-2006]. After a decade on the city's music circuit, Little John Cameron came to Newfoundland as a member of the Sons of Erin. When he left that group, he became a popular entertainer in the St John's club scene and frequently toured the outports where he is still remembered along the coastal ferry routes of those small communities. During 1970, he returned to Scotland where he visited with his friend from way back who supplied GEST with much of the information in this biography. John continued on the pub circuit in Newfoundland until he retired in 1998 due to health. He kept in touch with his friend in Scotland by phone every week until he passed. His music legacy includes 4 singles and 2 albums, Sit Down, Mr Music Man and Little Johnny Cameron.

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