All God's Creatures ~ Bill Staines (V)

Ballad Of St Anne's Reel ~ David Mallett

The Boys Of Killybegs ~ Tommy Makem

Brennan On The Moor ~ Traditional

Canada My Own Land ~ Tommy Makem (V)

Farewell To Carlingford ~ Tommy Makem

Four Green Fields ~ Tommy Makem

Galway Bay ~ Parody

Heave Away, My Johnny ~ Traditional (V)

Jennifer Gentle ~ Traditional (V)

Johnny McEldoo ~ Traditional

The Minstrel Boy ~ Thomas Moore

Nancy Whiskey ~ Traditional

Old Maid In A Garrett (The Wooing Maid) ~ Martin Parker

Rambles Of Spring ~ Tommy Makem (V)

Red Haired Mary ~ Sean McCarthy (V)

Red Is The Rose ~ Traditional

Reilly's Daughter ~ Traditional

South Australia ~ Traditional (V)

The Wild Rover ~ Traditional

To The Shores Of Botany Bay ~ Stephens & Yardley

Whiskey, You're The Devil ~ Traditional

Clancys & Makem Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

Biographical Notes

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem's Career Group formed in New York City (Greenwich Village) in 1956. They formed an independent record label, Tradition, and released their debut album, The Rising of the Moon, in that same year. In 1961, the group appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and released their Columbia Records debut, A Spontaneous Performance Recording. The original group disbanded in 1970, but reunited with various members in 1975, 1984, 1993, and 1996. They also performed in 1992 for Bob Dylan for The Thirtieth Anniversary Concert Celebration.

Over the years the members of the group included Bobby Clancy [1927-2002], Finbarr Clancy (Bobby's son), Liam Clancy [1935-2009], Patrick (Paddy) Clancy [1922-1998], Tom Clancy [1927-1990], Tommy Makem [1932-2007] (until 1978), and the son of a sister of the Clancy brothers, Robbie O'Connell.

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