Ellis & Wince Coles Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

All I Want For Christmas ~ Buck Owens & Don Rich

Another Empty House ~ Wince Coles (Vx2)

Aunt Martha's Sheep ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Bartender's Sweetheart ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Big Cat Nine ~ Ellis Coles (V)

By The Glow Of The Kerosene Light ~ Wince Coles (V)

Christmas Tree Eyes ~ Wince Coles (V)

Diary Of One Now Dead ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Diddle Dee And Diddle Dum ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Eli In The Cockpit ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Eli Was Here Before John ~ Ellis & Wince Coles (Vx2)

Eli's Arctic Cat ~ Ellis Coles

Eli's On The Weed ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Funny, Funny Dad ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Gander On My Mind ~ Wince Coles (V)

Grandma's Old Patch Quilt ~ Wince Coles (V)

Jimmy's Song ~ Wince Coles (V)

Lilacs Are For Angels ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Lisa ~ Ellis & Wince Coles (V)

Mary's Lullaby ~ Wince Coles (V)

Me And Brother Bill ~ Ellis & Wince Coles

Nailing Pailings On My Fence ~ Wince Coles (V)

Poppy ~ Ellis & Wince Coles (V)

Please Turn Out The Light ~ Wince Coles (V)

Safe In Momma's Arms ~ Wince Coles (V)

Santa's A Bayman Like Us ~ Wince Coles (Vx2)

Santa's Bag ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Skipper Billy's Wake ~ Ellis Coles

Sweet Nellie ~ Ellis Coles / Michael T Wall

That's Just The Way It Was ~ Wince Coles (V)

Them Good Old Days ~ Wince Coles (V)

Up At The Cabin ~ Wince Coles (V)

Wings Of Love ~ Wince Coles (V)

Working Man ~ Wince Coles (V)

Biographical Notes

Brothers Ellis [b.1939] and Wince [b.1945] Coles are from Carmanville in Hamilton Sound, on the central northcoast of Newfoundland. Both began playing guitar and composing while very young and are popular among outport residents and expatriate Newfoundlanders.

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