Kevin Collins Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

Back Home Is Where They Want To Be (V)

Christmas With Or Without (V)

Follow The Wind ~ Wayne Collins (V)

From An Island To An Island ~ Loyola Hearn (Vx2)

Girl From Donegal ~ Traditional

Girls From Newfoundland (V)

Hills Of Home ~ Wayne Collins (V)

The Kingdom Of Kerry ~ D Nerney & H McMahon (V)

Long Ago And Far Away w/Wayne Taylor

Loyola's Song ~ Roseanne Collins

Merry Christmas From Home (V)

My Old Homestead w/Maryann Locke (Vx2)

Old Fashioned Tune ~ Johnny McEvoy

The Rose Of Newfoundland ~ Wayne Collins (V)

Shores Of Amerikay ~ Traditional (V)

These Are My Mountains ~ Traditional (V)

This Is My Home

A Tribute To Joseph R Smallwood

Tribute To Newfoundland ~ 'Little' John Cameron (V)

Tribute To St Mary's ~ Wayne Collins

When The Grass Grows Over Me ~ Don L Chapel (V)

Biographical Notes

Music has always been a great part of the life of Kevin Collins [b.1961]. Being raised in a musical family, music was always an everyday event. His grandmother, Agnes, of Ship Cove, Placentia Bay, was the start of the musical link in the Collins family. Kevin's father, Tony Collins, carried on the family tradition for his lifetime, and Kevin started singing at the tender age of six, publicly performing at age 13. Today, Kevin continues to offer music lovers his best.

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