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Bartender's Sweetheart ~ Ellis Coles (Vx2)

Broken Hearts And Memories ~ Ellis Coles (Vx2)

Funny, Funny Dad ~ Ellis Coles

Little Jimmy's Christmas ~ Wince Coles (V)

The Reluctant Soldier ~ Wince Coles (V)

Santa's A Bayman Like Us ~ Wince Coles (V)

Sealers Complaint ~ Ellis Coles (V)

Wings Of Love ~ Wince Coles (V)

Biographical Notes

Dave Pike was born in Glovertown, NL, and started singing when he was only 13. He eventually started a band with his friend Aubrey Sweetapple - they were known as "Dave & Aubrey" and released a hit record with Bartenders Sweetheart and Shove 'er in Second.
They released two Christmas songs which received lots of air play and great reviews. They were Santa's a Bayman Like Us and Little Jimmy's Christmas. These songs are still enjoyed to this day, not only by people living in Newfoundland and Labrador, but by people who have moved to places all over the globe.

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