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Black And White (V)

Heart Of The Home ~ Andy M Stewart (V)

Little Blue Forget Me Not (V)

The Marshall Frank Story (V)

Mother's Wedding Ring (V)

The Sheila Patricia Story (V)

Sing The Galveston Rose (V)

Biographical Notes

Everard 'Bud' Davidge is originally from Bay Du Nord in Fortune Bay, NL. The following is excerpted from Memorial University Orator E Holly Pike's 2012 presentation of Bud Davidge for the degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa:

Educated in a one-room school, in a community not accessible by road, Bud Davidge began teaching in 1962 after a year in university, later returning to Memorial to complete his education degree and become a school administrator in his home district, a position he continued to hold while a performer and songwriter. In 1977, when Bud Davidge and his friend Sim Savory started performing at local dances as Simani, their repertoire was country and western and early rock and roll, the music that they and their audiences enjoyed. Bud Davidge was soon writing original music in the popular style and his aim as a songwriter, as he puts it in his song book, is to "sing the pictures as you remember them, frame by frame." Above all, he values "real life" depictions and feels that the "greatest of integrity" is in writing from first-hand experience, as he does in writing of resettlement in Outport People and gathering the stories of the people of Boxey concerning The Loss of the Marion. Thus, Bud Davidge's songs directly express the experience of his life and the life of the communities he knows.

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