Devine Listings at GEST Songs Of NFLD

Maurice A Devine [1859-1915] Brother

The Dead Stranger

Granny Bates' Hill

Hawco The Hero

The Outharbour Planter (Outport Planter)

Our Seal Hunter Dead

Those Nights On Burton's Pond

Who Stopped The Gun?

Where Speckled Beauties Lie

When The Outport Member's Family Comes To Town

Patrick Kevin Devine [1859-1950] Brother

The Chick-A-Dee

Father Duffy's Well

Jimmy Walsh And Stephen (Two Jinkers)

John Valentine Devine [1870-1935] Brother

The Badger Drive (Vx2)

John Martin Devine [1877-1929] Unrelated

Drill Ye Heroes, Drill (V)

Pat Murphy's Meadow (Vx2)

Biographical Notes

From Kelly Russell we learn that there were three brothers born in Kings Cove - Maurice, Patrick and John. All three had poetic inclinations. An unrelated business man John Martin Devine is sometimes confused with John Valentine Devine the composer of The Badger Drive. The Internet has made this mistake more widespread.


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