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The Change

Coming Back Home (Ken & Greg Downey) (V)

For Your Love

He's Come Out

Home Beside The Sea (V)

Nothing Good To Say (V)

Oh Maria

Our Day (V)

Simple Tune

Small Town Attitude

Sunsets On The Bay (V)

Us Again

Winter Blues

Your Loving Touch

Biographical Notes

Born in Stephenville, NL, Randy Downey lived there for 20 years before moving to Toronto. His older brother showed him some chords when he was a teenager so he strummed those few chords for years while he and his wife raised their daughter. Later on, as he found more free time, he turned back to learning how to actually play guitar and expanded on those first few chords that had stayed with him through the years. As his playing improved he found himself writing melodies and eventually adding lyrics to his chord progressions. After writing about two dozen songs he selected the best 12 and took them to a studio in Toronto where he and his friends completed his CD Generation Bridge. Randy currently resides in Winnipeg where he teaches guitar from his home.


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